November 2010

Cooking with dried beans

Cooking with dried beans costs substantially less than canned beans and you control the ingredients (sodium, preservatives, etc) of what goes into your beans. A 25 lb (11.3 kg)  bag […]

Go Gingham: Indulging with chocolate covered almonds

This is my daily after lunch treat, with a cup of coffee.  Coffee that I drink out of a little gingham cup, of course!  3 (ok, sometimes 4, but that […]

Go Gingham: Home Exchange in Paris, France

Do you have dreams of taking a family vacation to Europe?  Would you like to stay in a home, have access to a car, and experience life in another country?  […]

Go Gingham: Wrapping paper alternative

With the holiday season fast approaching, are you looking for an alternative to purchasing gift wrap paper?  Try my trick and wrap your gifts in old maps.  I inherited my […]

Decorating with two tables

There are two tables in this picture.  The little black table and the table hanging on the wall.  Yes, that is a table.  The floral table has 4 legs, tucked […]

Homemade granola

My goal in the kitchen is tasty and healthy cooking.  Who doesn’t want their food to taste good and be good for them?  This homemade granola recipe is easy to […]

Go Gingham: Go Gingham on Twitter

While you can follow me on Twitter (@GoGingham), you should know that 140 characters is tough for me.  I have a lot to say (just ask the people who live […]