WordPress Resource Books

WordPress Resource BooksIf you’re thinking about setting your own website or blog, I suggest you check out WordPress.  I love WordPress.  WordPress is free web software that can be used for your website or as a blogging platform.  Martha Stewart, The New York Times, Yahoo, and Go Gingham, to name a few, all use WordPress.

You can use it for your website as a CMS (content management system) or as a blog.  Self-hosted (meaning you pay for your own hosting and you have your own domain name) sites can download the software here.  WordPress.org

Or, you can sign up for a free blog.  Your choices are more limited here but it is free and that’s always a good price.  WordPress.com

I highly recommend WordPress.  You can take an on-line class to learn WordPress or you can learn it on your own like I did.  I’m sure some could just wing it, but my mid-40-year-old-brain needed to do lots of reading!

Here are my top 5 book recommendations (all from our public library system). I’ve also included an Amazon link.

  1. “Using WordPress” by Tris Hussey ( 2011).  This book is excellent and his list of plug-ins (pieces of code already done for you) is extremely useful.
  2. “Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read” by Scott McNulty (2009).  His writing is easy to understand and he has a good sense of humor.
  3. “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson (2010).  Although I don’t like the “dummies” aspect of the title, this book is good if you like (or need like me) baby-steps.
  4. “WordPress In Depth” by Bud Smith and Michael McCallister (2010).  The title really nails this book.  Very detailed and in depth.
  5. “Teach Yourself Visually WordPress” by Janet Majure (2010).  Another good book that covers a lot.  This is a good book to start with. The pictures/visuals are outdated.

The other great thing about WordPress is their on-line support.  Detailed steps are can be found at WordPress Documents. If you’re having a problem (or several) WordPress Support can help you straighten out your fatal errors and remind you that you haven’t broken the internet – yet.

Free and helpful?  You can’t really beat WordPress.


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