February 2011

Go Gingham Question

I’m calling this round of questions, “Kirsten’s Questions”, because all of these questions come from my friend, Kirsten Hope.  Kirsten and I met when our daughters were in the same […]

Go Gingham: Frugal Decorating with Cherry Blossoms

I love to decorate my home and make it lovely.  Fresh flowers are too expensive for this frugal gal.  I prefer to bring nature inside and “force” it to be […]

Go Gingham: Blackberry made with whole wheat flour

Cooking at home requires a well stocked pantry, along with all of the items in your refrigerator.  The home cook needs to be prepared with basic ingredients.  This list is […]

Credit Score 101

If you’ve ever had any interest in understanding how your credit score is determined, this video is for you.  My brother, Peter Werner, an attorney for a credit union in […]

Go Gingham: beet salad recipe

Here is the prize winning recipe for my beet salad.  This recipe placed 2nd in “The Oregonian” Twitter Recipe Contest. It’s easy, tasty, and one of my favorites. I adapted […]

Go Gingham: Avoid food waste

I’m amazed at the number of blogs whose main topic is food waste.  Maybe I’m completely out of it (my kids would agree…), but I had no idea this was […]

Go Gingham Paper Clip - Take Note

The 10 Golden Rules of Saving on Everything | Money Talks News. This is a worthwhile read.  It’s not everyday that I come across an article on the web that […]

Readers' Questions at Go Gingham

People are always asking me questions about where to purchase something, how to clean something, how to cook something, how to mend something, how to use a power tool, and […]

Go Gingham home office

Everyone needs a little space to have as an office.  Opening mail, paying bills, reviewing school work, and writing notes are all part of running a home and require a […]

Go Gingham: Repurposed claw foot

We went out of town recently and stayed at our neighbor’s beach house. Our family had  a wonderful, technology-free weekend! While lighting a fire to cozy in, I came across […]