April 2011

Go Gingham: DIY Artwork framing project

I’m always on the lookout for wooden frames.  Wooden frames, with or without the glass in them, are generally the least expensive item at garage sales, estate sales, and second-hand […]

Go Gingham: Money and Budgeting

As a fitting end to financial literacy month let’s try to educate ourselves about, not just our own financial situation but, that of the country, and in the process maybe […]

Go Gingham: Vegetable seeds from garden

Sometimes I try a do it yourself project and it works. Sometimes, not so much. These are seeds I gathered from our vegetable garden last fall. Pumpkin, squash, pepper, and […]

Turn artwork into wall decor

When you have bare walls that need decorating in your home, do you automatically think how expensive it will be to adorn your walls with artwork?  It can be expensive, […]

Sticky Pasta Solution

This reader’s question comes from my Mother-in-law’s dear friend, Kim. Kim lives in Nassau, Bahamas, where life is always good and the sun is warm year round. Kim writes, “You […]

Go Gingham: Free milk bucket

An easy way to decorate your home, yard, and outdoor space is with free items.  With no cost and very little effort, you can have a comfortable, lovely home and […]