1. Oh my gosh…cutest darned segment ever!! You did fantastic. Love the slipcovers. Now, if only I knew how to thread a bobbin….
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    1. Sara Tetreault

      You just totally confirmed the friend steal! Thank you. Next up on the “Carrie & Sara Show” is how we teach Carrie how to sew! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Oprah needs to wake up and call your bad self! How fun to see you in action (you are tall!) and take a peek at your house with the gorgeous built in cabinets. You did great on air and are a natural. Congratulations Sara — I hope your site explodes with traffic and that you get a ton of wonderful positive exposure!
    p.s. I have those same Kleenexes — we buy them in bulk from Costco. But they are not covered with those cute slipcovers because I cannot figure out how to thread my bobbin correctly either…

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Wendy! I’m going to have to get you and Carrie together for a sewing class. Thank you for your kind words. I’m not as tall as you think…it was the camera. Also, my kids are gaining on me so I have to pretend to be taller!

  3. Corinne

    Here’s what I really love about that slipcover TV spot… using small amounts of fabric to bring together the room in a stylish way – fabric that I can either get seriously inexpensively, or already have! This is not just Oprah-worthy, it’s Martha-esque. Only much more Frugal. That’s seriously stylish. Only – I’m bobbin challenged as well…. luckily, my husband sews. Way to go SARA!

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