July 2011

Summer Reading List

Summer time reading is such a pleasure.  There’s something about putting your feet up and relaxing with a good book.  I hope you’re taking time and indulging yourself with reading […]

Go Gingham: How to make awnings

Keeping a house cool in the summer can be expensive.  Awnings are a great way to keep your home cooler while not increasing your electrical bill.  Anytime you can create […]

How to Fix Outdoor Chairs

I’m always on the look out for chairs that no one else wants.  Chairs that have torn seats, missing parts or wobbly legs are easy to find.  Sidewalks, garage sales, […]

How to Make a Harry Potter Cape

Kids love to dress up and play pretend games.  Having dress up clothes around your home is an easy way to encourage that type of play.  When the “Harry Potter” […]

Camp Cooking Supplies

With camping season upon us, I thought I’d share with you how my camp cooking supplies are organized.  My goal while camping is the same in my kitchen – healthy […]

Go Gingham: How to remove tags from clothing

If you’ve ever received a pile of hand-me-down clothing from me, you’ve probably wondered:  Why does none of the clothing have tags in the back of the garment?  Tags in […]

Grow vegetables from saved seeds

Remember the seeds I saved from our vegetable garden last year?  The seeds that I kept in these little bowls with high hopes of planting them this year and watching […]

Go Gingham: Goodwill finds for backyard decorating

Look at how pretty this is.  My friend, Maria, sent me these photos.  The charger plates, vases, and table runners all came from, “The Bins” and were purchased second-hand.  This […]