1. Annie Kip

    Wow Sara! You are so resourceful. I am thoroughly impressed with the things you think of to do and how well you do them!

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Thanks Annie. I appreciate your kind words!

  2. seriously impressive. you make it look easy! (which is my first hint that it must have been a lot of work!)

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Hi Ana,

      These were a lot of work but have been completely worth it. Our old house, which has original windows and zero insulation, can really get hot in the summer. These awnings have made a huge difference. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Anne-Marie

    Makes me wish I had some south-facing windows! One trick my husband borrowed for keeping our house cool is placing two big box fans in our attic that are positioned to blow air INTO the attic. When evening comes, we open the basement and main floor windows and the fans pull the cool air from outside through the house and into the attic (and the hot air gets pushed out the roof vents). We don’t have AC, so when it heats up outside this really helps.

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