August 2011

Dinner Group Appetizers:  Mock Oysters

The recipe we tried for dinner group gathering was delicious and one that I would definitely make again. My tip?  Don’t put this together in advance.  Prepare the shrimp mixture […]

Go Gingham: Dinner group gathering

Our dinner group met for a lovely summer evening recently. The menu theme was Thai inspired food and was delicious. Along with the fun of regular socializing with a group of […]

Shower Curtains

Ask Sara question:  This question comes from a very stylishly, frugal friend.  Bridget asks, “What do you suggest for a shower curtain that lasts?  Do you use a cloth one […]

How to Save Money Each Month

Most people spend what they earn.  If you want to get ahead and save more money each month, you have to keep your expenses less than your income.  Sounds simple, […]

Growing Vegetables in Alaska

As much as I love living in Alaska, one of the things we have had to give up is good produce.  Beware; our grocery store produce is subject to change.  […]

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s always something baking at our house.  These cookies get baked regularly.  I love anything with oatmeal, peanut-butter, and chocolate chips.  Whole-wheat flour, flax seeds, wheat germ, and using non-fat […]

How to Cover a Hula Hoop with Fabric

Howdy folks!  I’m really excited to be a guest here on Go Gingham.  When Sara and I first met, we instantly bonded over our mutual world-view through eco-green glasses.  Her […]

Go Gingham: Home swap travel

Our family will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks.  While we’re away, I have a couple of guest posts scheduled as well as a couple of my […]

Go Gingham: Technology Free Sundays

Welcome to my six-month or so review of Technology Free Sundays for 2011.  In January, our family made a commitment to not use technology on Sundays for our New Year’s […]