Bathroom Progress Part 4

Bathroom Progress Part 4In a marriage, spouses each take on different roles and responsibilities.  In our marriage, I somehow have the role of plumber and in particular, the one who installs toilets.  I’m not entirely sure how this happened but over nearly 22 years of marriage, 2 old houses and 4 bathroom renovations later, I’ve gotten plenty of practice installing toilets.  I vaguely recall expressing a mild interest in how it all worked – the mystery of indoor plumbing – and the next thing I knew, there was a wax seal in one hand and a wrench in the other.  My husband is a genius.

Honestly, installing a toilet is not difficult but it does take 2 people to lift the fixture.  There are probably lots of plumbers who do it themselves but not this plumber.  So our toilet is now attached and working (cheer!) although it had to be hooked up and then taken out again.  Without going into lots of details about a toilet, old plumbing doesn’t always get along with new flooring.  Now, it’s all working.

The floor is done and sealed.  In case you haven’t noticed, it’s in a gingham pattern.  I love gingham.

Bathroom Progress Part 4
Before: Wall behind and beneath claw-foot tub in need of patching

Bathroom Progress Part 4
After: Wall behind and beneath claw-foot tub completed

After painting walls, the next biggest improvement in a renovation project is shoe moulding.  Shoe moulding covers the space between the base moulding and the floor.  It really finishes a project.  You cut it with a miter saw and finally put to use those angles you learned about in geometry.

Bathroom Progress Part 4

I don’t like the standard quarter round shoe moulding.  I like this moulding which is called “ogee stop” and is best installed with a power nailer.

Bathroom Progress Part 4

The nail gun is one of my favorite tools.  I got to squeeze in behind the tub to attach the shoe moulding here.

Bathroom Progress Part 4

Prime and paint your shoe moulding before you cut it with a miter saw.  It’s nearly impossible to get so close to the floor without getting paint everywhere.

These before and after pictures below are dramatic.  This is behind the bathtub and will never be seen but at least it’s patched, clean, and painted.

Bathroom Progress Part 4

Bathroom Progress Part 4

The real fun stuff – sewing the Roman shade and the shower curtain for the tub.  Striped fabric is for the shade and the floral is for the shower curtain.

Bathroom Progress Part 4

The laundry chute is not going to work out.  We would need to rout (cut a hole with a particular tool called a “router” to fit) out the new floor and neither of us can bring ourselves to do it.  (Well, I said I can’t cut a hole in the new floor and my husband agreed – mostly.)  We’re headed to the ReBuilding center and to see if we have any luck and then probably back to Hippo Hardware because you never know what might be lurking in their basement.  We’re also dropping off our old sink and hoping to get a store credit for it.  Reduce, reuse, recycle – even during a house project.

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  1. It’s gettin’ there ; D Love the colors you picked!

  2. So beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person :).

    1. Thanks Darcy! It’s almost done…the guys are ready to kick us girls out of their basement bathroom otherwise known as “the man cave!” You’re welcome to have a tour and try out the plumbing any old time.

  3. You must be getting very excited. The end is just around the corner. Congrats on making it happen! And I’m super impressed you can install a toilet! You never cease to amaze me Ms. Tetreault.

    1. Jack of all trades….well, plumbing is a lot like websites. We can talk about all the similarities later!! Thanks for leaving a comment, Kirsten. You can borrow my plumbing tools whenever your bathroom project starts!

  4. Wow, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing this event, you prove one can do anything !

    1. Ohhhhh, you are so nice. I’m not cool in the least – really. Just ask my teens! Thank you for the compliment.

      1. Phffft. They’ll come back around, eventually : )

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