February 2012

How to Keep a House Project Sustainable

When we set out to re-do our bathroom, our dual goals were to keep our house project sustainable for both our wallets and the environment.  We wanted to keep the […]

Meet Internet Girl!

Meet Internet Girl!  She’s fun, she likes shiny objects, and she’s easily distracted.  She’s supposed to be writing (some may say “blogging”) but sometimes she’s really naughty and she skips […]

Weekly Meal Plan

Since it was Valentine’s Day this week and I was feeling so much love after writing about everything I loved, I baked a double layer cake, too.  The cake was […]

Bathroom Progress Part 5

The best part about the bathroom project, aside from the toilet working, bathtub working, and the sink working, is the pretty shower curtain and Roman shade.  The colors are bright, […]

Go Gingham Facebook

We’ve been talking with our teens about the recent incident that happened when a 15-year-old girl posted a complaint about her parent’s on Facebook and her dad’s reaction.  Her complaints […]

How to Mend Pillow Cases

It’s a mystery to me why I’m not sleeping very well these days.  I’m too hot at night so we left our down comforter in its storage bag this winter […]

Weekly Meal Plan

Several readers have asked me to post our meal plan each week.  I’ve decided to try to do this on Saturdays.  The recipes from these meals will eventually find their […]

The Love Honorable Mentions

Now that we’ve completed the “14 Days of Things I Love” series, there are a few items that I really like but, for a variety of reasons (as you’ll see […]

Love of Valentine's Day

I love Valentine’s Day.  Yes, it’s gotten too commercial but what holiday hasn’t?    Valentine’s Day is special because it makes me stop and take a day to say, “Hey, I’m […]