1. Andrea Middleton

    Love the bulk bins! Only recently I realized that most of the organic pasta in the bulks at Freddie’s is more expensive than packaged organic pasta at Trader Joe’s. I also like TJ’s for organic canned beans & tomatoes. (I know you cook from dried beans, but with two little kids I’m giving myself a break on that lately.) I’ll try Winco – I had never heard of them!

    1. Andrea…the bins can be a better price but you’re right, you have to know the prices. Winco has the best prices on whole wheat pasta. I’m serving it tonight…you give yourself as many breaks as you need with those two little ones. Thanks Andrea! We can plan a field trip to Winco!

  2. I wish more stores in my area had bulk bins. My organic store does have some products in the bulk bins, and they’ve got lots of bulk spices. It’s great for when I need to buy a rarely-used spice…I can buy just a little instead of buying a whole container and then letting it get old in my cabinet.

    1. Kristen, you are so right about the spices! That has saved me many times. We have a new little spice store new our house that is all bulk spices and has lots of unique spices. It really makes a difference in a recipe whether your spices are fresh or not. Thanks!

  3. I also love bulk bins! Our Food For Less has plenty of them. I reuse the plastic bags(if they held something powdery or sticky) with a wash and dry, tie them in a “slip knot” and keep them in my car. Then I’m ready for the next trip with no advance preparation.

    I only refrigerate/freeze my wheat germ and nuts. Never thought about flour and rice! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Liana, you are so good about re-using! I use the plastic bags for garbage sacks in our bathroom. We have a very small garbage can and the bags just fit. It keeps me from buying new garbage bags. I have fabric to sew some re-useable bags but then what would I put in my bathroom?? Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Sara, you are such an inspiration. I love how you lay out the details of how you do things and what your thinking is about the choices you make – it makes it seem like I could do it too! You really have such helpful information – I always learn something from you! Thanks tons for all the details!!!!

    1. Thanks Annie! I appreciate hearing that from you, classic, dear friend! Notice how I didn’t say “old?” :)

  5. I love bulk bins! Here in Pittsburgh, East End Food Co-op has many things in bulk at great prices, and a lot of them are organic. Instead of buying in bags, you can bring your container, weigh it empty, write the weight on the label, and then fill it; the cashier deducts the weight of the container from the total weight and charges you only for the weight of the food. It’s so convenient!

  6. Paula in the UP

    We have no stores with bulk bins…. to tell the truth I don’t think I’ve ever been to a store with them. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Paula, it could be. I don’t know where you live but most the stores around me have them. They are really nice and sell the brand name products (it’s listed on the bin) for less cost per pound. Totally worth having to scoop it out!!

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