1. OMGosh, Jeff is so excited about your page protectors! Hope SF is fun. We are loving the sun in Palm Springs!

    1. Jeff needs page protectors! Enjoy the sunshine, Erin…we brought a bit of rain to SF. Oh well!

  2. I wish I was this organized because I really do hate having to scramble for a place to go and PAY for every meal! I am still trying to get into the habit of meal planning at home!!! Hey are you driving to SF?

    1. We did drive. It’s 11 hours with stops for gas and bathroom. We packed water and food so we didn’t have to take time to stop and eat. Try meal planning for a couple of weeks to see how it goes for you…you also may like to do it on your smart phone. There’s no right or wrong way. Go for it! Thanks Annie!

  3. Now that my kids are in college and its just my husband and I at home for dinner, I make wonderful homemade soups. Egyptian Red Lentil, Speedy Black Bean and Garden Vegetable are my favs. Add some crusty bread and a salad… delish!

    1. Great job, Shelley! Those sound so yummy and hearty. Soups, especially with beans and lentils, can be a delicious meal.

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