April 2012

Just Slip-Cover It!

Please stop me. I know there’s probably medication for this but I just can’t help myself. Since our bathroom project is 99% done and all that’s left is hanging artwork […]

Weekly Meal Plan

Since this week’s meal plan began with fish and ended with shellfish, I had to break up the seafood with some pork and beans in the middle.  Not pork and […]

Spicy Hummus

“Ewwww….your breath is bad.”  My daughter whispered to me during church one recent Sunday morning. “What do you mean?”  I whispered back, “I just brushed my teeth.” “Please don’t talk […]

Mother's Day Winner

Well, I should really call this “Mother’s Day Giveaway Winner” because I think all Mothers are winners especially on Mother’s day!  The winner is:  Sheila C. Congratulations!  Look for these […]

Travel Packing

One thing I’ve learned when packing for a trip or packing for travel, less is always better.  Whether you’re packing for a 1-week trip or a 1-month trip, you need […]

Reusable grocery bag

I love these string grocery bags that we received as a wedding gift many years ago.  They’re nice because they’re small enough to be tucked in a handbag or in […]

7 Quick Ways to Get a Teen to Leave the Room

Parenting teenagers is bizarre.  One minute they’re smiling, sweet, and pleasant, the next they’re mad and upset.  It’s an emotional roller coaster.  The only visual I can give you is […]

Baby chicks Go Gingham

We have baby chicks at our house and they’re doing just what babies do – eating, pooping, sleeping, and growing.  I think they’re drinking water but I can’t tell because […]

Weekly Meal Plan

The season for soups and stews is coming to a close.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not complaining that summer is coming – it’s just that I love making […]

Quinoa hearty salad

I love having a hearty pasta or whole grain salad on hand for a healthy lunch or dinner.  Who am I kidding?  Breakfast and after school snacks are a great […]