1. We have a closet, but mostly use it to store off season stuff (my husband seems to have more coats than most women have purses and shoes). So we do the same as you – we have a nicely painted strip with hooks attached for the kids’ bookbags, piano bags and coats, and a hall tree for guest coats. Our hall tree isnt as pretty as yours, but there is a bonus bench seat in it that hides mittens and hats.

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Ah yes, the hiding spot! Heidi, that’s my post for tomorrow :) how hiding spots are my friend. It’s so helpful having a place to put things near the door and having family “trained” to put things away when coming or going. And, we have a spot for piano bags, too.

  2. Good solution to the “coat problem” we all have! I have the same issues and store off-season coats in the basement. It is so hard when it is between seasons, but I am glad when there is less “stuff” by the back door.

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