1. Sara Tetreault

      Annie, it’s super easy and always a crowd pleaser! I only wish I had enough eggs for a double batch but I’ll need my chickens to do double duty on the laying…

  1. Cathy Kirchner

    Grand Central Bakery has an Egg Salad with Basil. I can’t quite replicate it yet, but Roger and I sure enjoy the trials and errors! We also love deviled eggs. I think Roger is planning on making them for the MTMS and FHS Staff Appreciation Luncheons next week. I saw a tip that we’re going to try – and it’s a tip to center the yolks. The tip was to turn the eggs upside down in the carton, and let them sit overnight before you boil them. It will center the yolk, and you won’t tear out the sides of some of the whites.

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Cathy, egg salad with basil would be another nice herb to add. Let me know when you nail the recipe – maybe you could share it here, please? And, I’d love to hear if sitting eggs upside down helps….sounds interesting and definitely worth a try. Thanks to Roger, too!!

  2. Christine Gorman

    I LOVE egg salad and this sounds yummy. Going to whip some up this weekend but sadly will have to settle for store-bought eggs!

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Thanks Christine! You’ll love it and your eggs will peel nicely, I’m sure!!

  3. I just decided what to make myself for lunch, thanks!

    I once had some picky teens tell me my egg salad was the best they’d had – the only thing I did differently from your recipe (minus the relish -though must try that sometime) was to add finely diced red pepper to it (scraps of red pepper leftover from making veggie tray).

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Red pepper would be great in here! I like adding it to my dishes just for color sometimes – I mean it’s good taste wise but really food looks better with a shot a little sprinkling of red and I don’t mean food dye;) Thanks Heidi!

  4. Egg salad is one of those things that I seem to forget about for months, and then crave and consume with such intensity that I scare myself.


    This recipe looks delicious…will definitely give it a try.

    Great blog, by the way.

    Saw that you’ll be attending the BlogHer Food conference this year. It’s my first time going…have you been before? Looking forward to it!

    1. Sara Tetreault

      It’s true…egg salad is like that! I think about them more in the spring with Easter and once our chickens are busy laying. I’ll look forward to meeting you at BlogHer Food!!

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