1. I am so impressed that your kids are on board with your tricks! You are right, sometimes you just have to dive in and try something, knowing that you will do it over if it isn’t quite right. Otherwise, I get paralyzed with perfectionism!
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    1. Sara Tetreault

      Oh, Annie, thank you. My daughter is motivated to try these things because it costs her less money than buying new jeans! She has been growing so quickly that items fit one week and not the next. Altering takes a little practice but knowing you can rip seams out and start over is reassuring. Don’t worry about perfection ~ remember plenty perfect? 😉

  2. That’s a great tip to use butterfly clips for measuring how much to take in! Sure beats being poked by pins, and it’s something I could do on myself (not easy to try and pin the back of your own pants).
    My daughters both have tiny waists. And one likes her jeans to be roomy in the hips, so finding a pair that fits is hard, even more so when shopping second hand. The last pair of jeans I just told her to find a pair she liked in the hips and seat, and I’d fix the waist. And that’s what we did, and she’s been very happy with them! On her pair, I put the seam on the inside, as I also had to do some sizeable darts to make them lie smooth.

    1. Sara Tetreault

      You sound like an alterations pro, Lili! I can do without pins near my skin. I like the alterations on the inside as well but can’t get it to work on jeans. Great job!!

      1. Taking jeans on inside the pants, probably wouldn’t work on heavy duty jeans, like Levi’s, at least not without a professional machine. Now that I think of it, the denim of my daughter’s jeans that I took in inside, were of a thinner variety denim, or else just much more worn.
        I especially like your tuck idea for clothing that will be passed from one child to the next. Two kids in the same family can have totally different body types. And with your method, you’re leaving the possibility open to let them back out again.

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Oh, Julie! You are cracking me up! I’m surprised you don’t sew because you are a frugalista just like me!! Thanks.

  3. I wish I had this problem….I just eat another piece pie and there ya go, waistband fits ; )
    You are so cleaver!

    1. Sara Tetreault

      Sheila, that is an excellent solution! You’re a dear and it’s been so fun getting to know you this past weekend.

  4. Just what I needed! I need to alter my son’s pants since I bought the wrong sizes and he needs them by tomorrow! Thanks for showing the images. I really need to see how it’s going to look like before altering my son’s pants. It’s going to be my first time doing this sort of things. hehe…
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    1. Hi Sunny,
      I’m so glad! The nice thing is that when your son grows, you can let the seams out as needed. They’re adjustable with a seam ripper! 😉
      Thanks, Sunny, for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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