August 2012

Go Gingham: Easiest applesauce ever

The thought of making applesauce used to turn me off completely. All that peeling, slicing, and coring of apples made me a regular purchaser of “store-bought- applesauce” as we called […]

Early summer dinner group

Enjoying the company of good friends and sharing a pot-luck, home-cooked meal with our dinner group is the ultimate in frugal, fancy, and fun entertaining. I always look forward to […]

Go Gingham: these pots and pans need to soak

I live with people who like to soak pots and pans. Even though my kids are supposed to clean up the kitchen after they each make dinner every week, there […]

Go Gingham: Broccoli from the garden

When it’s really hot outside, I have no interest in cooking during the heat of the day. This weekly meal plan was the hottest week of the summer we’ve had […]

Go Gingham: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

I’m not sure I would have thought to cook with olives if it weren’t for the kids from the books, “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” My children read the books […]

Go Gingham: Ask locals how to cook foods

New to cooking at home? Fear not. You can do it. People are often intimidated by home cooking.  They think, “But, I can’t cook.” Or, “I’m not a very good […]

Go Gingham: Coffee at the campsite

I planned to catch Saturday night’s meal and cook it for dinner. That was my plan but fishing didn’t go according to plan and after 9 hours of casting and […]

Go Gingham: Making fresh herbs last longer

I try to keep my food waste to a minimum in our kitchen. The only food I end up tossing into my compost bin at least monthly is cilantro. It […]