1. Make pie!

    This is how I make applesauce, too! I picked up an inexpensive food mill and I run it through that after it has cooled down. Yum! So good.
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    1. Oh, yes, pie! Yum! Your pies always look delicious, too. Happy long weekend. Loved your post today, friend.

  2. Are your apples ready already? Ours have a way to go yet. This is how I make it too, just chop them up and run it through my mother-in-law’s ancient food mill afterwards to get out the seeds and stems. Sometimes I throw in some blackberries or raspberries too, if I have some around. I makes great sauce for freezing and using in muffins, etc. later on in the winter.
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    1. Heidi, that sounds great with berries! We usually go with plumbs (technically, Italian prunes) in the applesauce. Our apples are ready now – at least the ones on my block. Everyone has apples to share! And pears – someone just dropped off a bag full of pears, too. Thanks, Heidi.

    1. Cathy, it’s my biggest pot and I nearly didn’t buy it at an estate sale but now I’m glad to have it. It holds LOTS of apples. Yes, get lazy in the kitchen with me :) Happy long weekend! Thanks again for the tasty wine. It was so good and is so gone!

    1. Kirsten, I would imagine the crockpot is a an excellent option because it probably never gets too hot to burn. Do you have to stir it? I have a big crockpot but I’m pretty sure 5 gallons of apples would blow the top off! Thanks, Kirsten. Have a great long weekend!

  3. Looks delicious! I made homemade apple sauce about 10 years ago when before I had my tonsils taken out. I borrowed a co-worker’s cone sieve with pestle and that was a lot of work. :) Too bad I didn’t feel like eating at all while I was recovering. The applesauce kept though, it would probably be my favorite thing to make with a lot of apples. Good job you guys! and good job making others taste test :)
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    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yes, forcing others to eat applesauce is hard work but someone has to do it 😉 We did freeze some sliced apples for pie this winter. Warm apple pie is good anytime of year, isn’t it? Have a great weekend! Looking forward to our berry picking date – who knows what we’ll be picking but something good.

  4. Thanks for this, Sara! Apple season is almost here, so I may give this a shot. Looks good! Question: how fresh do the apples have to be? I often find myself with apples that the kids say are too mushy to eat and I wonder if I could use them for applesauce. Will the be a difference in the taste?
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    1. Thanks, Annie! Mushy apples are fine in this, too. The apples that were really not ripe were tough to cook down but mostly everything was soft and broke down quickly. My chickens get mushy apples leftover from lunches or I sneak them into smoothies. No one needs to know they’re eating rejected apples – chickens or children 😉
      I usually have several different varieties of apples all at different stages of ripeness. Try it – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how good it tastes!

  5. miggiepdx

    Great illustrations! Really understand the process! Thx! Also — had to laugh at the note about your daughter. Our kids still run from the room when the camera comes out. Have to be really sneaky to get a good photo of grown kids!

    1. Smiling! Yes, cameras can do that to kids regardless of ages. So glad the pictures and steps are helpful. Have a great weekend!

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