October 2012

Go Gingham: Dinner group clam bake

At our last dinner group get together, which we hosted in our backyard, we planned a summer meal for the evening. Even though our dinner group met over Labor day […]

Go Gingham: Egg salad sandwiches

Every Friday morning during football season, my teenage son heads straight for the sports section of the newspaper to see if his favorite NFL team is being televised on network […]

Go Gingham: Pumpkin spice cake

The thing with recipe testing is that you have to have people other than yourself make your recipes before you hit publish and send it out to the world. When […]

Go Gingham: Home Exchange Holidays

My favorite way to travel is to home swap and after 8 home exchanges in 8 years (4 in the U.S. and 4 in Europe), I’m ready to go again! […]

Go Gingham: Sungold tomatoes

If you read our weekly meal plans, you know how often I cook with dried beans. About once a week, I cook 6-cups or 2 1/2 pounds of dried beans […]

Go Gingham Four Year Anniversary

Yes, indeed, it has really been two years of me pushing the publish button. I know it feels like just yesterday we were high-fiving and butt-bumping about my one-year blog […]

Go Gingham: Frugal wedding plans

This is a follow-up guest post from my sweet sister, Mary, who just got married. She shared with us previously about personalizing a wedding.… Your wedding can be however simple […]

Go Gingham: Weekly Meal Plan

This week in my kitchen felt like the bounty of the season had descended upon us! We had so many things cooking, roasting, and freezing it looked like a tornado […]

Go Gingham: Salmon for freezer

When you cook at home, you need pantry staples and refrigerator basics for cooking healthy, wholesome food from scratch. I try and keep the basics on hand so that I’m […]