The Winner Announced and a Food Waste Survey

Giveaway announced and food waste survey

The winner of the giveaway book, “Fed Up with Frenzy” by Suz Lipman is…..

Cara – with comment number 10 – Congratulations, Cara!

Cara says, “Our family enjoys spending time on our boat fishing, reading books, napping, and talking.”

Those are some of my favorite family activities, also. Although I like to nap by myself with earplugs in their proper spots while my family is doing a quiet activity – without me!

Your book will be snail-mailed to you shortly, Cara.

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. I loved reading all of your responses and had a hard time not replying back.

Also, a graduate student from the University of Pennsylvania interviewed me last week for his thesis on, “Consumer Food Waste in the US.” If you’d like to take his food waste survey and participate, you can do so here. It’s a short, anonymous survey but you can also chose to be contacted for further input on his project. Thank you in advance for your help with this important issue.

Facts about food waste in the United States can be found here on the EPA’s website.

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