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Go Gingham and Shutterfly giveawayHello readers! Shutterfly and I have a nice little holiday gift to giveaway to one lucky reader. It’s a $50.00 gift certificate to use on If you haven’t ordered your holiday photos or cards, you can use this gift certificate to do so.

We don’t have a particular day that we set aside for a family photo day in our family. Our holiday picture usually includes all 4 of us – although sometimes it’s just the kids. I do like to have our entire family in the picture especially since I’m still taller than my kiddos! (The truth is, my son is now taller than me if my hair is pushed down!) Ideally, our photo has 4 people smiling, wearing mostly clean clothing, and one year included our pets – our backyard chickens!

Shutterfly is giving me a gift certificate but I already ordered our holiday pictures and paid for them! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be organized and get things checked off the to do list ahead of time. Last year, our cards didn’t go out until after Christmas so don’t sweat it if you’re thinking about sending New Year’s cards or Valentine’s day cards instead.

Happy holidays and here’s how to enter this giveaway:

Leave a comment below and answer 1 of the 3 questions:

  1. Do you send out photo cards, folded cards or postcards?
  2. Do you take family photos yearly for your holiday cards?
  3. Do you include your family pets into your holiday cards?

Details, details….

  • Giveaway ends Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 9am PST.
  • One entry per person.
  • Winner will be announced on this site and coupon code will be emailed to winner.

Thank you to Shutterfly for sponsoring this giveaway, giving me a gift certificate, and treating several Portland area bloggers and myself to dinner! We had lots of fun chatting and talking about photos and holiday cards.

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  1. For the past two years I’ve sent out Valentine’s Day postcards. It’s an unexpected treat for our friends and family, and past the business of the holiday season.

  2. We send a newsletter.

  3. Now that we have a daughter, we send a photo card. We like to use a design that allows multiple photos – there’s usually one family photo and several of just the kiddo. 🙂

  4. Yes – I send out holiday cards every year, because I love getting holiday cards and exchanging them is often the only way I am able to keep in touch with some old friendsI adore the beautiful, expensive cards but can’t stand to spend money on something which will most likely be thrown away, so I usually end up doing a photo card I can order online. I have even stopped addressing the envelopes by hand – I figure the improtant thing is the contents! I really like to have a family photo with everyone in it including our dog, but last year it was just too hard to pull it together and I created a collage. It turned out fine and actually communicated more about what we have been up to than a group photo does. I am njot sure what I will do this year, but it will have to be easy!!!

  5. We send out Christmas cards every year with a photo enclosed. Sometimes the photo is just the kids, sometimes it is the kids with the dog, and sometimes it is the 6 of us (including dog). The picture is generally one I have taken specifically for the Christmas card, but every now and then I use one from our travels throughout that specific year. I have not yet settled on a card or a picture for this year and plan on focusing my attention on that in the very near future!

  6. Funny you should ask–for the first time, I’m considering sending a photo card. Typically I send out a newsletter with a picture or two on it; the main reason I send them is to get a yearly update on friends from “past lives”. Last year I send out a card in which you insert a photo as well as the newsletter (I had purchased the cards the previous year in after-Christmas sales for a song) but it was more work to insert the pictures than I thought it would be. I’m not sure it was any cheaper, either, in the long run. I try to run that tricky line between doing enough Christmas “stuff” to be fun but not so much as to be overwhelming, so maybe a photo card would be the right choice for me this year.

    I haven’t decided if I will include a family picture or just one of my kids–not that I’m vain or anything, but if mama don’t look good, my picture ain’t included!

  7. We have always sent out a photo-card with a picture of our children sitting in front of the Christmas tree. It’s really fun (and a little sad) to look back through the years now and see how much they’ve grown.

  8. My husband and I have been married for just over two years, and I guess all the announcements and thank-you cards from the wedding kind of took all the energy and time and money that goes into sending holiday cards out of me! But this year, I have seen such adorable ideas for holiday cards that I really want to start sending out some photo cards to our family and friends. We take family photos in the summer when we get together with our extended family and then we use the summer photos for gift, etc. later in the holiday season. We don’t have pets, so nope, they aren’t included.

  9. We’re sending out a photocard this year, after taking a break for a couple of years from sending out a newsletter (1/2 page, one paragraph per person) and photo.
    I love receiving newsletters and photos from friends. My pet peeve: Receiving a photo of just your kids. I want to see the whole family, especially the parent(s), who are my long-term friends)!
    My sistah-in-law usually takes our photo when we see her @ Thanksgiving, but this year we are using a vacation photo!

  10. We send out photocards for the last 20 years and just ordered from shutterfly. I love the website especilaay for photo books simple easy and fun.

  11. I don’t generally send out cards but occasionally I’ll send out a few traditional folded cards to family.

  12. We send out a holiday letter including photos that we print ourselves, and we do include our pet. Usually she’s the star of the show!

  13. We usually send out photo cards. I didn’t get it done last year. I think it was the first year I didn’t do it since becoming a mom.

  14. Have to include the pup!

  15. We send out a card each December we call the “Annual Report” which includes a photo collage of the “reporting year” (Sept. of the prior year through August of current year) on the front. Adhered inside the front cover is a synopsis of the year. We then handwrite a personal note and/or signature from each member of the family. On the back is a “key” with a description of each photo in the front collage. It is a lot of work on our (read: my) part, but it’s been 10 years now and I love looking back on them (they hang in my office). A life-history contained in 5×7 cards!

    Speaking of holiday cards, I have found that nothing irks me more than receiving a photo card with no note on it. For the cost of postage already being paid, you’d think people could include a personal greeting of some sort. I already know what my friends *look* like; I want to hear what’s been going on in their life!

  16. We used to do a family photo, but now we do a collage and everyone (including my husband and I) must be on there! Pets also. Last year we sent out a one-sided card that we mailed in an envelope.

  17. We send out picture cards. The whole family and dog in the past. This year, I think it will be the kiddos and the dog.

  18. We used to do photo cards. And we have done a the newsletter. We have also included the pets. The past couple of years it has been a folded card with a photo included.

  19. We do a photo card every year, but this year we’re trying to include the whole family (usually it’s just kids). My favorite was the year we combined our Christmas card, baby announcement, and change of address into one card. I was very pleased with myself.

  20. We take photos every year and send out photo cards….and yes, the furry family members are definitely included 🙂

  21. We send photos inside our cards.

  22. Growing up, we always had our pet chickens and dog in the pictures! My mom was very creative with our cards, and would essentially photoshop our individual pictures on interesting backgrounds, with our pets strolling in the back. We’d all be sitting on the beach with the “Merry Christmas” letters on our bare feet, or standing on the “rooftop” greeting Santa and his reindeer! The cards were SO creative, and I loved having our pets in the cards. My husband and I have only been married a year, and this year is our first for Christmas cards. I hope to draw upon the creativity my mom has shown me!

    Malissa M recently posted..Color Combo: Warm Grey and Pearl

  23. I send regular holiday cards. But as postage increased, my e-cards increased and the mailings decreased. Depending on who will be at the receiving end, I design my own e-cards (I love Photoshop) with personalized messages.

    Sometimes, I send holiday postcards made from used cards. Sometimes I use used cards as gift tags…..

    I have thought about creating gift tags with photos instead of words…. should be good for a few giggles.

    For next year (not this year) I am planning on creating some photo books for some family members.

  24. we take yearly family photos for x-mas cards but just of the kids.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  25. Of course family pets are included… always… they are just that, family. 🙂

  26. I like sending out folded photo cards.

  27. We send folded cards and when we plan ahead we send a news letter. By we, I mean me:)

  28. We send folded cards with a photo tucked inside. If we get our act together this year there will be a top 10 list of events in our lives from this year too.

  29. We send out photo cards!

  30. We send out photo Christmas cards. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  31. I send out folded 5×7 photo cards. Love them from Shutterfly!

  32. I send out folded cards nearly every year. The pictures are hit and miss. If I send pics, it’s to the relatives and friends that I don’t see at all. I write a personal note in every card. My cats are my children, so sometimes they’re in the picture; sometimes they are the picture!

  33. We actually aren’t sending out cards this year! Things got hectic after planning a huge birthday bash for my one year old son and Christmas cards got overlooked! Shutterfly has tons of other neat items though!
    rebatink at gmail dot com

  34. We send out photo cards 🙂

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