December 2012

Go Gingham Question

Recently, I received an email from a regular reader about frugal living with coupons and she had several great points and a different perspective so I wanted to share them. […]

Weekly Meal Plan

I tried to get my kids to cook more dinners this week since they didn’t have school while it seemed as if the rest of the country did. (Personally, I […]

Holiday gift returns

At this time of year, everyone wants to know what to do with gifts they’ve received but don’t need or want. Here are some handy suggestions about what to do […]

Home Exchange Registration

I love home swapping as a way to see the world and stay for free. Rather than being handed a bill at the end of a vacation, there’s usually a […]

Weekly healthy meal plan

I rarely have meatballs and this week, had them for 2 different meals. On Friday, my husband and I had a lunchtime date and tried out a new spot called, […]

Happy Earth Day from Go Gingham

Sometimes the environmental cost involved with “green living” isn’t exactly what we expect. When I wrote about using reusable cotton or canvas grocery bags, as opposed to using plastic grocery […]

Simple cleaning supplies

Want to know the cleaning products that I use regularly around my home? You may even have several of these products in your cleaning supply tool belt right now. The […]

Weekly Meal Plan

One thing that’s driving me crazy at the grocery store these days is the price of lunch meat. For me to buy a pound of lunch meat at the grocery […]

Go Gingham: Christmas Morning Strata

On Christmas morning, I like to sip coffee in front of the fire, in my pajamas, and not be in the kitchen cooking. (I just asked my husband if this […]

Go Gingham and Harry and David giveaway

The winner of the Harry and David holiday gift basket giveaway is: Heather! Heather won the giveaway with comment #86. Heather writes, “I love chocolate and these baskets are so […]