1. Hi Sara, Thanks for this! I have been eating a lot of eggs lately – now that the girls are back in production mode! – and I have been wondering if I should keep my shells and do something with them. I didn’t know about using them for slugs – great idea!

    I would love to see a post about your composting methods – I have tried different things and nothing is just right. I would like to avoid buying an expensive rotating compost bin if I can and I am sure you have a terrific solution I could copy!
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    1. Hi Annie,
      Here are a couple of posts about what I use for composting:
      and more information here:
      I don’t really like our compost bins because they’re hard to get the dirt out of BUT they do serve their purpose.
      Be sure and put hardware cloth underneath to keep rats out AND it needs sun exposure to work.
      Good luck! Your garden will be so happy. :)

    1. Carrie, you’re so welcome! The tomato planting works very nicely and the growing is even better – if we have nice hot summer weather.
      I really like “Sun Gold” cherry tomatoes. They are tasty and easy to grow. They’re also tasty whether you’re eating them off the vine, in a recipe or roasting them.
      Good luck with yours this year ~ :)

  2. Tina B

    Perhaps this is a stupid question, but if you’re using your egg shells in the back yard, does that bother your chickens? Do they understand that those egg shells are from their eggs? Maybe it’s a non-issue because they’re in a totally separate place, but I just had to ask. Thanks for not laughing at me.

    1. Tina B

      Never mind, I missed the part about toasting them. I guess they can be canibals too. eeewwww.

      1. Tina, I know “eeewwww” is correct. The chickens aren’t allowed in the garden area once I have items planted. They would have a hey-day eating all of the little plant starts!
        Good question, Tina. And, chickens aren’t the smartest creatures but they do like to eat and peck at just about anything.
        Thanks for leaving a comment! :)

    1. Annie, the egg shells go directly from being cracked to tossed into the compost pail. Some people are better than others around my house about crunching up the shells and tossing them into the pail but I figure at least they’re going into the pail and not left in the kitchen sink! No drying, no rinsing – easy, peasy!

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