1. Minnie,
      They were! And, there were two different dipping sauces with them. Salad rolls are fresh and such a nice dish to bring to a party – or a picnic! :)
      Thanks, Minnnie.

    1. Thank you, Annie! It’s always fun with this crowd and this time, I was able to bring home some leftovers which my kids always love. They always look forward to dinner group at our house, too, because they get to taste everything – yum!

  1. Michelle

    For the last Wine Club (my dinner group) hosted at my house, I chose a theme of Argentina. All the wines were from Argentina, and the recipes were, too. It was great!

  2. Patti Hawk

    Would love to be added to your Dinner group pinterest page!
    My user name is pehawk.

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