1. I’ve never thought of putting awnings on our windows–nor have I really thought about the purpose of them. I guess I always thought they were just decorative. We have a hard time keeping our house cool in the summer, so this is something I definitely need to consider. Thanks for giving me a solution I hadn’t considered!
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  2. “Get an assistant to help you – think honey-do-list here.”


    Great idea for keeping the house cool in summer. I, like Rita, had never considered they had a purpose! We have heavy velvet drapes on our south facing window, and those do a great job of keeping the room cooler as well, but it does get dark in that room. I like that ambient light can still come in with the awnings.
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  3. Kris

    Wow. I’m impressed that you made these. I usually close the blinds on hot, sunny days. :)

  4. I can testify from personal experience that these awnings do work! The office, where my son slept last week when we did our home exchange, was cool enough without air-conditioning. The whole house actually felt cool during the day, even though it was very warm outside. I like how you take practical ideas to the next level, Sara, and show that we can do so much ourselves. The awnings look nice on your house as well!
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  5. We put up an awning on our big window at our old house, It made a huge difference! Ours was retractable, so we could pull it in in the winter or during a storm, but it provided shade inside as well as some shade to sit under outside. We loved it.
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  6. I can also attest to their effectiveness. Great for keeping the house cool when they are in a spot blocking the sun from coming in and also great at limiting the weather from beating against a door or window.

  7. wow. I tried doing that once myself, but gave up after a few hours. Too troublesome.You actually diy your own awning, very impressive

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