1. Karen

    If the vehicle is a 2013, see if the company will give you a higher discount. After all, the 2014 models are all coming into the dealerships. Got to move those “old” cars.

    1. Karen, good idea! We were lucky enough to have to drive the newest 2014 model. Don’t worry – the 2015 models will arrive before we know it and then they’ll have to give me the “old” car! 😉

  2. Bobbi

    I tweeted, lol. I am seriously thinking of a Subaru for my next car.

    Is that a nuclear power plant in the beach picture? If so I guess the water would be warm, lol. Glad you had fun and hope they give you the car. :)

    1. LOL! Well, it’s some sort of hydro-electric something or other but that is why the water is warm. We had a blast and I can honestly tell you that I’ve been very happy with my Subaru that I bought in 1993 and that I’m still driving. The plastic and rubber parts of it are starting to dry out (I can only assume that’s what is happening…) but it has been an excellent car with very low maintenance costs. I also have a great mechanic who only works on Subaru cars. :) Good luck!

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