Christopher Kimball Ticket Giveaway

Go Gingham approved!

The month long 3-year Blog-i-versary celebration of Go Gingham continues! This giveaway is for 2 tickets to see Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen fame speak at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in Portland, Oregon.

Mark you calendars because the giveaway winner will receive 2 tickets to the event!

Who will you bring if you’re the winner?

While the talk takes place in Portland, Oregon, if you win and live elsewhere, you can always be generous and mail your tickets to your favorite aunt or uncle or your sister-in-law’s cousin who lives in Portland.

Go Gingham America's Test Kitchen
My husband at America’s Test Kitchen looking rather intently at those grills!

Here’s how to enter….

  • Leave a comment below telling me what’s your favorite cookbook or cookbook author – living or not, new book or old book.
  • Using “Random Number Generator” and having my handsome assistant (husband) as a proxy, I’ll draw a number.
  • Contest ends Friday, October 18th, 2013 at 10:00AM and will be announced here.
  • Winner will be notified by email and will receive tickets from America’s Test Kitchen.
  • You may enter one time only.
  • Sorry international readers but this contest is for U.S. residents only.

Disclosure: I received 2 tickets to Christopher Kimball’s talk in exchange for giving 2 tickets away. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s guidelines.


Sara, creator of Go Gingham, is passionate about cooking and feeding her family healthy, real food. She's a green enthusiast, too, who loves to grow food organically. Sara loves to travel - especially by trading houses. An avid runner, she can also be found chasing after her chickens in the backyard.


  1. My favorite cookbook is “Italian Regional Cooking” by Ada Boni. With dated photos, the recipes are truly Italian, use hard to find (in the US) ingredients, and often require additional research in order to understand how much or what exactly the recipe makes.

  2. My favorite cookbook is………..the Silver Spoon!!!! It has a bunch of different recipes that are from Italy. There. Done.
    -Luke Skywalker

  3. My favorite cookbook is The Cancer Fighting Kitchen. Amazing recipes for everyone, but especially good for those who are fighting cancer. If you have a friend you’d like to cook for who’s being treated for cancer, I highly recommend this book. It’s even available at the Multnomah County Library (I finally took it back and bought my own copy!).
    Erin FB recently posted..It’s All Greek to Me – Portland’s Greek Festival

  4. I do enjoy The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. I have lots of recipes in my own notebook, and lots of cookbooks, but it is a go-to resource when you need a recipe for practically anything. #panderingtothenumbergenerator

  5. The cookbook I keep coming back to is the Salt Lake Junior League cookbook.
    ruthie recently posted..Hospital Gown

  6. Wow! That’s tough…I have so many that I love. If I had to narrow it down to just one though, it would be Claire Robinson’s 5 Ingredient Fix. All her recipes are simple to follow, easy to make and use fresh, not processed, ingredients. Love this giveaway! Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  7. I’d have to say Plenty by Ottolenghi is my new favorite. Whyat a great cookbook that you don’t even realize it’s vegetarian because everything is beautiful and complete.

  8. My favorite cookbook would have to be Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here for the Food. Making cooking appeal to my nerdiness is the only thing that helps it make sense to me.

  9. I like books that *teach* me how to cook something, and explain the process and how to vary it, so I am doing more than following a recipe. I’m not great at winging it on my own without that explanation. Two that do this are CookWise (very technical) and Kitchen Counter Cooking School (more story-telling/memoir with recipes).

  10. My most used cookbook is probably the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking for Two, but I love just paging through How to Cook Everything. So much useful information!

  11. ATK’s Family Cookbook. It has beautiful photos and literally fool proof!

  12. The Portland Palate is among my favorites.

  13. My favorite cookbook – it often depends on my mood. But for the past 23 years, I often return to favorite recipes in Colorado Cache Cookbook, published by The Junior League of Denver and their sequel, Creme de Colorado Cookbook.

  14. I really love Mark Bittman’s books. First, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Second, Food Matters. Third, VB6. They are informative, enlightening, and inspirational. My daughter is vegan but my husband and I are flexitarian. These books really make it easy to cook healthy.

  15. I have been doing quite a bit of canning, drying and freezing for the last two weeks. I love Put ’em up! by Sherri Brooks Vinton!!!!!

  16. That is a hard question. I have a soft spot for cookbooks! Right now, I am enjoying Dinner A Love Story.

  17. I have a lot that I like…I think I get a lot of complements from almost everything I make out of Ina Gartner’s Barefoot Contessa, Family Style.

  18. All my favorite go to recipes come from The Silver Palate Cookbook. Great for entertaining or a nice family meal!

  19. My go to cookbook is The Fanny Farmer Cookbook by Marion Cunningham. But, I just love Jacques Pepin’s and Julia Childs’ teachings and cookbooks. Not to mention Jamie oliver and….oh, too many to say…

  20. When my mom passed away, the only thing I wanted was her collection of cookbooks. My favorite is her “Joy of Cooking”. The recipes we used for holiday baking has notes in her handwriting.

  21. Mark Bittman. Love his books and NY Times videos.

  22. My favorite cookbook right now is actually Cooks Illustrated cookbook. I got it for Xmas last year and have need using it the time. Live the Why Tuis recipe works section.


  23. My favorite cookbook is The Art of Simple Cooking by Alice Waters.

  24. For years I have loved “How to Bake,” by Nick Malgieri. I’ve made so much from it, and the cornbread is the best.

  25. My husband is the real chef of the family and gets a lot of great recipes from his Cook’s Illustrated, but my favorite is the classic Joy of Cooking – primarily for the punch recipes! Really, I love the whole “Drinks” section…

  26. I almost chose Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, but then I remembered Cory Schrieiber and Julie Richardson’s gorgeous and delicious Rustic Fruit Desserts. My two boys and I delight in preparing their favorites: ‘carmel peach grunt’ and ‘gingered pear and raspberry pandowdy’. And Julie Richardson’s 4 pie crust recipe is heaven sent. I can now say I make a pretty great pie!


  27. Love Cooks Illustrated and ATK’s radio program. My favorite, go-to cookbook is Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything,” which is so well used that it is completely falling out of the binding.

  28. My “desert island” cookbook – the only I would take with me hmmmmmmmmmmm
    I love recipes from The Savory Way by Deborah Madison of Greens restaurant in San Francisco. So many easy and really flavorful vegetarian dishes.

  29. Joy of Cooking kick-started my exploration of cooking after all the years of watching my mom in the kitchen. My true favorite ‘cookbook’ is the one my ex-husband created of my mother’s Lebanese recipes as she recited from memory her favorites made by her mother, and few a ‘Western Recipes’ she made over and over as we grew up. I primarily cook from taste, smell and texture and not from recipes.

  30. River Roads Cookbook (l & ll) out of Baton Rouge, LA. is our family favorite since my grandmother’s generation. It is full of southern specialities as well as good ole every day mouth watering dishes contributed by local community. The recipe my grandfather contributed J.B. Francioni French Dressing is sought after after anyone is lucky enough to taste it. My mom, my aunt have delicious recipes in the cookbook as well.

  31. Serious Barbeque, Adam Perry Lang

  32. What a great idea, Sara! My favorite cookbook is Baked by Matt Lewis and Renalto Poliafito who own an amazing bakery in Brooklyn. Definitely not healthy but every one of their desserts recipes are incredibly fantastic.
    Hope all is well post-IFBC!

  33. my favorite cookbooks are the America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks. We have three, the family one (red), the healthy one (green) and the quick one (yellow). So far we’ve never had a recipe disappoint. They’re all great!

  34. I love David Lebovitz’s writing and cookbooks. “Perfect Scoop and Sweet Life of”. Also, another favorite is “Baking with Julia” Dorie Greenspan:) Hard to pick just one!


  35. I love Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. Great pictures, recipes with everyday ingredients, and big flavor! I think Ina and I could be friends, she just hasn’t met me yet.

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