March 2014

Meal Planning with Go Gingham

There’s a lot of confusion about what meal planning is. Most people think meal planning is a plan for an elaborate dinner party. It can be but that’s not the […]

Entertaining Dinner Group from Go Gingham

For the dinner group Brad and I hosted in February, we went with a “love theme.” It was an Italian centric menu – since it was the day after Valentine’s […]

Home Organization Project 12

While this week’s home organization project was only cleaning off the refrigerator – and everything attached to the outside of it – it was more symbolic than the previous 11 […]

DIY Project Zero Budget

When I start a DIY project, I like to try to spend zero or spend very little to do it. Here’s how it works. Rather than setting a number and […]

Home Exchange Tips from Go Gingham

When home swapping, many times the exchange involves trading cars as well. When you don’t have rent a car while on vacation, that’s another big money saver while traveling! With […]

Egg in the basket from Go Gingham

Thanks to my husband for sharing this recipe. He loves to make this egg in the basket for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Growing up, my dad would make this for […]

Home Organization Weekly Project from Go Gingham

Does it seem like every home organization project involves me getting my husband to get rid of his stuff? That’s what he said! (Literally, he said that.) Seriously, this week […]

Eco Travel in Costa Rica from Go Gingham

For being such a small country, Costa Rica is amazingly ecologically focused. From unlittered roads, to restaurants and hotels – both large and small – each with a full complement […]

Home Organization Weekly Project 10 from Go Gingham

Who invented the in-box? I’d like a word with them. In our house, my in-box is where everything gets piled. This piling into my in-box doesn’t count as “home organization” […]