June 2014

Home Organization Project Week #25 from Go Gingham

After the blow-out yard sale we had last week, I needed an easy project for this week’s home organization project. The sale went well – in case you were wondering […]

Summer Time Coffee Break

This post is sponsored by International Delight Iced Coffee. While I like to make my own drinks when entertaining, when I’m running short on time, convenience matters. This International Delight […]

Picnic dinners from Go Gingham

Ah, summer – I’m so glad you’re here! Nothing says summer fun like an outdoor concert in the park with a picnic dinner and when summer arrives, I like to […]

Home Organization Project Week #24 from Go Gingham

Can we talk about garage and yard sales? That’s what this week’s home organization project was all about. We’re getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and we’ve opened every […]

Cooking with cast iron Go Gingham

The majority of cooking in my kitchen is done with cast iron pans. Why? Cast iron is virtually indestructible and can easily go from stove-top to oven to open flame. […]

Home Organization Project 23

When my kids were younger, I was forever stepping on Legos or finding doll shoes tucked here and there. Then, before I knew it, no more playing with toys. Kids […]

Camping and Cooking Supplies

When we did a 3-week camping trip around Oregon, it made us realize how few camping and cooking supplies we actually used or really needed. Fewer supplies meant less to […]

Home Organization Project Week #22 from Go Gingham

Remember when we had a family of squirrels living in the ceiling of our front porch? Well, we managed to move them out but today the home organization project we […]

Recipe Cole Slaw Go Gingham

Do you ever feel like some vegetables are underrated? I do and to me, cabbage is THAT vegetable. It’s so good for you, inexpensive, and versatile. Cabbage can get forgotten […]