Le Creuset and Bonne Maman Giveaway

Let’s get this Four-Year Blog Anniversary Party started, shall we? Le Creuset and Go Gingham Giveaway


How about a giveaway with Le Creuset and Bonne Maman? Yes, please! The giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who entered.

Here’s what one lucky winner will win: three each, 13-ounce jars of assorted Bonne Maman (retail value = $13.50) + a 3 Quart Heritage Baker from Le Creuset (retail value = $50).

What’s not to love about Le Creuset, right? So pretty and so functional. While you could bake a pasta dish in here, homemade brownies (try this recipe for tasty brownies) would be so good in here – and pretty, too.

Can we talk about the gingham pattern on the jars of Bonne Maman? This is my favorite jam – well, aside from homemade, that is. Made with simple ingredients and tasteful packaging. If you need a gift for the holidays, there’s no wrapping needed.

Here’s the tiny print:

  1. One entry per person – left in a comment in this post – by answering one of the three very easy questions listed below.
  2. Must live in US – sorry international readers.
  3. Preserves and jellies are assorted.
  4. Le Creuset color subject to availability.
  5. Random number generator will be used.
  6. Giveaway ends Monday, November 24, 2014 at 1:00pm PST.

Thank you to Le Creuset and Bonne Maman for sponsoring this giveaway!

What’s your favorite hostess gift to give? Which do you prefer to bake – sweet or savory? What’s your favorite fruit jam or preserve?

Good luck! Can’t wait to read all of your answers!


Sara, creator of Go Gingham, is passionate about cooking and feeding her family healthy, real food. She's a green enthusiast, too, who loves to grow food organically. Sara loves to travel - especially by trading houses. An avid runner, she can also be found chasing after her chickens in the backyard.


  1. I love to give a homemade item like hot cocoa mix and a pretty thank you card! I prefer to bake sweet things, because I love the smiles they create. 🙂 My new favorite jam combines berries and currants.

  2. My favorite hostess gift is some great olive oil or vinegar. I much prefer to bake sweet over savory and my favorite jam is blueberry!

  3. I love to give a bottle of wine for the host to enjoy later. I will do my research, however, to identify their favorite type of wine. I bake sweet but I prefer my wife to bake savory. I prefer my wife’s own blueberry freezer jam.

  4. Wine is a great hostess gift. One size fits all and matches all decor. I love to bake sweet things, but have reached my lifetime limit for sweet treats. I love Bonne Maman products. In fact, that’s what’s in my fridge as I type.

  5. I love to bring fresh flowers as a hostess gift. I can’t decided between baking sweet or savory and this year my favorite jam is apricot.

  6. My daughter and I make strawberry jam every summer. It is so fun to eat in the winter…tastes like summer and reminds us of good times.

  7. My favorite hostess gift is to give a bouquet of flowers or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, boutique, or bookstore. I prefer to bake savory things. My favorite jam is strawberry rhubarb.

  8. My favorite fruit jam/preserve is Blackberry

  9. My favorite jam – wait, does jelly count – was my grandmother’s homemade red currant jelly, nice and tart. Today, it’s quava or apricot.

  10. I take a homemade baked item or candles. It just depends on the family. I bake sweet and savory but I prefer to eat savory. I have Bonne Maman jam in my fridge. All the flavors are good. I love the mixed berry flavor. Tastes good to melt some on the stove and pour over pancakes.

  11. My favorite jam is home made blueberry from our blueberry bushes. When I bake it is always something sweet.

  12. Wine is an easy gift. Blueberry jam is yummy. And sweet treats are the best.

  13. My favorite gift to give is wine, enjoy baking savory and favorite preserves are raspberry.

  14. I love to give a bottle of wine or, if they aren’t a drinker, then a homemade set of pot holders or tea towels…or a gift card. lol It really kind of depends on the hostess. 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  15. Sara, my grandmother made the best strawberry preserves in the world, and she had 24 grandchildren who would attest to it. We used to heat the preserves and pour over ice cream or pancakes. Grandmother also made biscuits practically with her eyes closed, and we would put fresh butter and her preserves on them for breakfast whenever I stayed with her. Ohmigosh, my mouth is watering now!
    Vanessa recently posted..Pass on the Sugar, Honey.

  16. I usually bring wine as a hostess gift. If it’s summer, I often bring a bouquet of flowers from my garden, too.

  17. I love to give a nice bottle of wine. Wine always makes the hostess smile.

  18. I like to give a pretty scented soap or a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. Wine works for almost any occasion!

  19. I love to bring something from home – canned peppers or baked goods. I love to bake sweet, but need to limit myself….ha! I love strawberry preserves and jams.

  20. I like to bring a small herb plant or something freshly baked defendant on my time. I always prefer sweet! My favorite jam? Homemade Marion berry with hand picked berries for sure.

  21. I like to give olive oil for a hostess gift. I love to cook and bake but I would have to say I get the most enjoyment out of baking sweet things. (Yes I have a major addiction to desserts)
    I like all kinds of preserves but my favorite is peach!

  22. My favorite hostess gift is a handmade bag,tag and cards collection.I make 3 to 4 greeting cards, I decorate a gift bag with stamps and colors and I make a gift tag from a manila tag. I pop the cards into the bag and attach the tag.. voila! I REALLY LOVE LE CREUSET PANS! And jams and jellies!!! Enjoy your blog–thanks for sharing!!

  23. I prefer to bake sweet. Brownies are my favorite for lazy baking. I almost always have all the ingredients on hand and they are so easy! (Easier to make from scratch than from a box.) I also have a super easy mixed berry crisp recipe, and just last week I discovered an amazingly quick and easy buttermilk pie recipe. Yum!

  24. Overall, I prefer to bake sweet over savory … although I like to bake yeast breads as well. This morphs into your question about hostess gifts … I like to bring home-baked bread, especially if it’s an artisan bread. There are very few jams I don’t like … my mom made a rhubarb-blueberry jam last summer and I swear, she could market it and make big bucks!!! Cherry jam is also a favorite …

  25. We are on a Proseco kick right now, so that is my hostess gift of the moment! It is perfect by itself in warm weather or combined with cranberry juice during the holidays for a festive look. Oh, and it tastes delicious either way! My favorite jam is my homemade raspberry jam ~ made of course from the berries that grow (or have taken over, depending on how you look at it!) in our yard!

  26. Flowers (in a vase!) are my favorite hostess gift, I prefer to bake savory things and orange marmalade is my absolute fave.

  27. I like to make apple butter the best. Our very kind neighbors have an apple tree and share the bounty with us. It’s easy, delicious, and frugal. Gotta love it!

  28. My favorite is strawberry!

  29. I like to bake sweet, but have been loving baking Spanakopita this fall!

  30. My favorite jam is my strawberry-rhubarb jam. I like to give away loaves of banana bread and I like to bake sweet things the most.

  31. I love to give the host/hostess a bottle of wine to kick their feet up with after a busy night. I prefer to bake sweets because my little ones will usually ask to help which makes for fun and yummy memories. My favorite is blackberry jam, there is just something so delicious and decadent about it!

  32. I love to bake sweet, and I could see making an amazing chocolate bread pudding in that pan! 🙂

  33. I prefer to bake sweet treats!! 😀

  34. I am addicted to baking sweet goods, and my favorite jam is whatever I’ve made myself from fruit I picked!

  35. Love giving a candle and soap

  36. I always like to take cut flowers because I think it’s something you don’t always get yourself. I love sweet, brownies are my weakness. Strawberry preserves always remind me of picking strawberries with my grandmother in the spring.

  37. I prefer to bake sweet. Love to bake cookies, brownies, cakes and most involve some chocolate.

  38. That pan looks ready for a batch of lasagne!

  39. I’m a baker through and through. I love to bake sweets, from pecan tartlets to 7-UP cake. Yum.

  40. My favorite jam is FROG jam, I found it at a local farmer’s market, but I learned it’s an old jam recipe!


  41. My favorite hostess gift is my homemade orange rolls with a container of orange sour cream sauce to put on them. I like a touch of sweet with the savory. My favorite jams are rhubarb strawberry and raspberry huckleberry.

  42. My favorite jam or preserve is our home-made Hood strawberry jam! But I still have the jar from the Bonne Maman I bought in France. Kept it because it was so cute. And-duh!-from France! 🙂

  43. I love to give people jars of my jam. Lately I’ve been cannimg it in the pretty green Ball jars. My most popular jam is Black Berry/Vanilla Bean/Turbinado Sugar. I always bring baguettes and a pound of Irish Butter too. (usually we end up sitting right down and having coffee or tea and a big snack) This might seem lazy, but it’s not!

  44. My favorite jam is strawberry!!!!

  45. My favorite jam or preserve is peach! Love love love peach!

  46. pick me please ….HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  47. My favorite fruit jam is rasberry because that was my dad’s favorite. He had a unique favorite breakfast – peanut butter and raspberry preserves on toast dipped in coffee or tea. Which was his dad’s favorite. And it is mine, especially when it gets colder. 🙂
    Jill recently posted..Shenandoah National Park

  48. I prefer to cook savory, sometimes using sweet ingredients like jam combined with other flavors for entree main dishes. Our favorite Bonne Maman preserve is raspberry. When my sister-in-law left a jar of Bonne Maman jam at a cabin we share, we were hooked! It tastes like the fruit it represents, and we love it!

  49. I like to give fresh flower arrangements for hostess gifts.
    My favorite jam is peach.

  50. I am all about a good old fashioned strawberry jam, but a local company makes this F.R.O.G. jam – figs, raspberry, orange, and ginger – and it is so nice and bright in taste. Great with cheese and crackers.

  51. Love to bake homemade pizza! So I will go with savory.

  52. My favorite fruit jam is apricot

  53. My favorite hostess gift is a bottle of wine!

  54. Strawberrry rhubarb is my favorite jam!

  55. Whatever I have growing. Sometimes herbs or something like homemade bread

  56. My favorite hostess gift is a bottle of wine. I prefer to bake sweet things. My favorite jam is Bon Maman Strawberry- delicious!!

  57. Thank you for this giveaway! My husband and I were actually just in a Le Creuset outlet store, looking for this exact pan, and they didn’t have any. (I believe he envisioned baking savory, while I envisioned baking sweet.) Plus, who doesn’t love jam? My favorite hostess gift is a small, fun trinket that the host wouldn’t normally buy for him/herself – a festive ornament at holiday time, a special sparkling wine, a lovely bud vase, hand-painted chopsticks, or homemade raspberry jam – also my hands-down favorite flavor.

  58. I prefer to bake savory things–casseroles, appetizers, crusty breads.

  59. My favorite hostess gift is a jar of Eliot’s Adult Nut Butters. I prefer savory over sweet. Favorite jam as of late is spicy strawberry.

  60. I love baking although it has become harder the last three years since I can no longer have anything with gluten in it. Amazing at how creative one can get.

  61. My favorite jam is strawberry and I like to bring wine as a hostess gift.

  62. I prefer to bake sweets, and my favorite jam is marionberry.

  63. I love to bake cinnamon rolls and that baking pan looks perfect!

  64. I have two favorites: apricot and blackberry jam.

  65. My favorite thing to bake is sweet. My favorite hostess gift to give is probably either some of my dried herbs or jam or jelly. I enjoy trying new jam and jelly recipes each year. My husband’s favorite is mulberry.

  66. I love baking sweet things–banana bread, cookies and cupcakes–that my five year old daughter is more than happy to help me with in the kitchen!

  67. My preference is sweets when baking, especially those with dark chocolate and nuts.

  68. I love to bake anything sweet. As the months get chilly, I especially love baking with apples to make apple crisps or whichever new apple recipe I stumble upon when I’m browsing blogs or Pinterest.

  69. I make little rolled beeswax candles and take them as hostess gifts, I prefer to bake sweet over savory..just…. and my fave jam I made this year was boysenberry/blackberry.

  70. Peet’s coffee is my favorite hostess gift!

  71. Hey Sarah, my baby is four years old, too! He’s a lot louder than yours, but maybe less work? Congratulations!

    Wine is easy, but I have also given a nice Turkish towel with handmade soap for the kitchen. Roses, hydrangeas and lavender, or tomatoes, when we have them.


    Raspberry, or this strawberry-rhubarb freezer jam we’re enjoying now.

    Talk to you soon!

  72. My favorite hostess gift is either wine, or a small basket of liqueurs!

  73. My favorite hostess gift is a homemade dessert. I love savory dishes and my favorite jam is apricot!

  74. My favorite jam is my very own homemade tayberry jam.

  75. my favorite jam / preserve is blackberry! (both to enjoy on it’s own or to bake into things). thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  76. I love raspberry jam.

  77. My favorite jam is raspberry or apricot. I actually just recently started buying this brand of preserves at my grocery store and love that it’s ingredients are fruit, sugar and pectin. What a coincidence you are having a give away featuring this great product!

  78. I love my sister’s strawberry jam-thanks for the giveaway

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