January 2015

Cheddar Curry Cheese Spread

Oh, this cheddar curry cheese spread is a dip that is too good. I hadn’t made it in years but when my kids started asking about it, I thought it […]

Go Gingham: Save more, spend less

Do you ever read an article and think to yourself, “My thoughts exactly.” That’s what happened when I read this article from U.S. News & World Report. It’s about developing […]

Healthy meals to cook at home Go GIngham

The easiest way to eat healthy, real food, is to cook it at home. You’ll save money, too! By cooking at home, you decide what goes into the meal and […]

Easy Entertaining with a Dinner Group

Here’s what I love about being in a dinner group – it’s easy entertaining. It’s not elaborate. This is the key to stress free entertaining – keeping it simple. When […]

Exchange travel to Austria

While more people are renting homes, rooms, garden apartments or just a sofa for traveling, there’s another option that’s even better: home swapping. What is home swapping? Trading houses for […]

Why Frugal Living Matters

It’s tough trying to help people see the value in frugal living. People mostly think of it as deprivation. Or that there’s sacrifice involved. We’re all trying to improve our […]

Home Organization Week 52 from Go Gingham

Finally! The last week of our year long home organization project. It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? Time for another New Year and all of the resolutions that get […]