Green Living Tip 15 {Plant Edibles with Flowers}

Flowers with greens Go GinghamToday’s green living tip: plant edibles in with your flowers – even if you only have flower pots. There’s not much room needed for growing vegetables and flower pots need a little greenery, don’t they? Add arugula, lettuce or an herb. Your flowers will be happy with an added spot of color and you’ll be happy because if you get hungry, you can munch on spinach while gardening or chatting with a neighbor!

You can see above how I’ve added red lettuce in with flowers. The pot is not very big but it only takes a small amount of space. Right now, my flower pots have herbs in them from last year. Herbs stay green and alive year round in my flower pots – I like that! It’s not as far to walk when I need something fresh for dinner and it’s pouring down rain like it does here in the winter.

Try an edible vegetable in your flower pots. It’s easy to do and you’ll always have a healthy snack waiting for you outside.

What’s your favorite green plant to add to flower pots? Do you add lettuce or vegetables to your flowers?

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Sara, creator of Go Gingham, is passionate about cooking and feeding her family healthy, real food. She's a green enthusiast, too, who loves to grow food organically. Sara loves to travel - especially by trading houses. An avid runner, she can also be found chasing after her chickens in the backyard.


  1. I add in cilantro and mint to my flowers pots, but never tried veggies. Love that idea!

    1. I have those growing in pots, too, Margaret! My cilantro doesn’t live through the entire summer…maybe I’m not watering it enough?! Few clips here and there and then it really stops growing or dies off.
      There’s a recipe I want to make that uses dill but I’m waiting until it’s growing in my garden because it is really a weed! Or, it grows like one. 🙂
      Thanks for writing in!

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