Go Gingham: DIY floral arranging

Let me go on record here:  I am not a floral designer and up until this project, I had no experience with fancy flowers.  My expertise is in easy, cut […]

Go Gingham: Green and frugal gifts

With wedding season approaching and brides everywhere diligently planning their weddings, I wanted to share with you three simple, tasteful wedding gift ideas. These gifts are frugal, green, and never […]

Go Gingham: slipcover for a wine bottle

We have some friends who like to tease me about my love of sewing little “cozies” for everything.  Maybe I have been known to sew a slip-cover or two for […]

Go Gingham: Holiday gift giving

I love being invited to someone’s house for dinner – especially when they say don’t bring a thing!  Of course, I would never dream of showing up empty handed.  A […]