How to Cover a Hula Hoop with Fabric

Howdy folks!  I’m really excited to be a guest here on Go Gingham.  When Sara and I first met, we instantly bonded over our mutual world-view through eco-green glasses.  Her […]

Go Gingham: Home swap travel

Our family will be on vacation for the next couple of weeks.  While we’re away, I have a couple of guest posts scheduled as well as a couple of my […]

Summer Reading List

Summer time reading is such a pleasure.  There’s something about putting your feet up and relaxing with a good book.  I hope you’re taking time and indulging yourself with reading […]

Go Gingham:How to organize a dinner group

Entertaining can be expensive, but cost shouldn’t keep you from being social.  Organize a dinner group and you can entertain while still being on a budget and frugal.  Schedule your […]

Go Gingham: Indulging: Issey Miyake perfume

Every day, I indulge.  I give myself a squirt of perfume.  Every single day.  Even if I’ve run around in my work-out clothes all day (ick!), showered in the evening, […]

Go Gingham: Piano lessons

Music lessons for kids is a major financial and time commitment. Piano lessons at our house are a big indulgence in our financial budget.  Money to pay for the lessons, […]

Go Gingham: Free table

I just picked up this little table on my way to the grocery store!  I just love it when people put their “junk” out on the sidewalk with a little […]

Go Gingham: Indulging with chocolate covered almonds

This is my daily after lunch treat, with a cup of coffee.  Coffee that I drink out of a little gingham cup, of course!  3 (ok, sometimes 4, but that […]

Go Gingham: Home Exchange in Paris, France

Do you have dreams of taking a family vacation to Europe?  Would you like to stay in a home, have access to a car, and experience life in another country?  […]