Go Gingham: The Bins Field Trip

If you missed the field trip on Wednesday to “The Bins” as I like to call them, I’m sorry.  We had a good time and the Goodwill Outlet Store in […]

Go Gingham: The home gym

During the month of January, gym memberships increase like crazy.  Everyone has the best intentions at the start of the year with exercising and eating well.  Sometimes just getting to […]

Go Gingham: the last catalog

Receiving catalogs in the mail used to cost us money.  Even though I wasn’t actually purchasing anything from the catalogs, just looking at the non-tattered, cord-free, cleaned-up pictures made me […]

Go Gingham: Ping Pong Table DIY

Our dining room table gets used a lot and not just for dining.  We eat at our dining room table nightly but after the dishes get cleared, let the ping […]

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior – This article caught my eye.  It seems to have caused quite a stir.  I agree with some points (piano lessons, limited screen time) […]

Go Gingham card making day

Winter is a season of cards. Holiday cards, thank you cards, birthdays (at our house!), and Valentine’s Day are all occasions when you need cards. At our home, we favor […]

Used Clothing: Holiday Attire

I try to buy used clothing as often as possible.  You have to be patient when buying used clothing, especially if you’re trying to find particular items. We were scrambling […]

RePurposed Church TaborSpace

Southeast Portland: Mt. Tabor Presbyterian church invites neighbors in for a cup of coffee | I’m sharing this article about our neighborhood’s “newest” hangout. (Okay, I am quoted in […]

Go Gingham: Paying kids' allowances

Paying kids an allowance is always a hot topic among parents. To pay or not to pay? We pay allowances at our house and it actually resembles a little micro-economy! […]