52 weeks home organization

Home Organization Project 44

This is week #44 of our ongoing home organization project. This crazy weekly clean-out was our New Year’s Resolution for the year. My plan was to do several projects ahead […]

Home Organization Project 43

Is it Friday again? Must be time for another home organization project! This is week #43 of our year-long clear out stuff and own less project – which was our […]

Home Organization Week 42 from Go Gingham

“Can’t we just write about cleaning out my closet and not actually do it?” Well, no, we can’t. The poor thing. He put off this week’s home organization project until […]

Home Organization Project 41

This week’s home organization project – if you’re new – hello! – as part of this year’s New Year’s Resolution, each week, we’re cleaning and sorting out a different area […]

Home Organization Week 40 from Go Gingham

Now that we’re sliding into the last 12 weeks of this year’s New Year’s Resolution – which was clean out a different area of the house, get rid of stuff, […]

Home Organization Week 39 from Go Gingham

This week’s home organization project is actually a clean and sort out that takes place every October. I call it ‘National Match Up Day‘ and am trying to get it […]

Home Organization Project Week #38 from Go Gingham

What do you wear when you’re painting your house? What do you wear when you’re doing yard work? Where do you keep those DIY clothes? Or as we call them, […]

Home Organization Project 37

Whew! That’s all there is to say. Since we began this weekly home organization project – clean out and reduce the amount of stuff accumulating in our home or move […]

Home Organization Week 36 from Go Gingham

Every year, before school starts, we clean and sort through closets and clothes. This year, I decided to try something new. I told my kids we weren’t going to do […]

Home Organization Week 35 from Go Gingham

Ever since we started this year-long process of organizing our home and getting rid of ‘stuff,’ I’ve been waiting to tackle this room. It’s been a mess for years! While […]