Go Gingham: Exclamation Point Love

Whenever I’m writing, I try to temper my use of the exclamation point.  It’s very hard for me because I love the exclamation point!!  It shows enthusiasm!!  It’s really me […]

Please Don't Make Me Text

I hope to never text again.  I tried it briefly and it didn’t stick.  My fingers are too fat.  Genetically, I’m much better with an old-fashioned dial, corded telephone.  The […]

The biggest stay the same

Seated on an airplane next to my daughter several years ago, we found a show on the television to entertain us while in-flight.  It was, “The Biggest Loser” TV show.  […]

Free Tools for your Blog or Website

I love saving money or finding a treasure at one of my usual “haunts” but getting something for free is the best.  Below is a list of “free” tools that […]

Go Gingham: Cell phone

“The Family Plan” marketing strategy for cell phone users is impressive.  Cell phone companies make it sound like each person in your entire family must have a cell phone.  My […]

Go Gingham: Flowers in snow: funeral etiquette

We had to attend attend a funeral recently. Funerals are sad, but they are also a celebration of life. Funeral etiquette is something that no one talks about and you […]

Go Gingham: Go Gingham on Twitter

While you can follow me on Twitter (@GoGingham), you should know that 140 characters is tough for me.  I have a lot to say (just ask the people who live […]