Go Gingham: Frugal Decorating with Cherry Blossoms

I love to decorate my home and make it lovely.  Fresh flowers are too expensive for this frugal gal.  I prefer to bring nature inside and “force” it to be […]

Go Gingham home office

Everyone needs a little space to have as an office.  Opening mail, paying bills, reviewing school work, and writing notes are all part of running a home and require a […]

Go Gingham: Repurposed claw foot

We went out of town recently and stayed at our neighbor’s beach house. Our family had  a wonderful, technology-free weekend! While lighting a fire to cozy in, I came across […]

Go Gingham: Drawing names

Before I announce the winner, I wanted to say thank you for all of the comments, suggestions and ideas I received!  Your support is much appreciated. The winner is….Devon! I […]

Go Gingham: Free table

I just picked up this little table on my way to the grocery store!  I just love it when people put their “junk” out on the sidewalk with a little […]

Decorating with two tables

There are two tables in this picture.  The little black table and the table hanging on the wall.  Yes, that is a table.  The floral table has 4 legs, tucked […]

Homemade Halloween decorations fabric

Decorating for Halloween is always fun and festive.  Here are some ways to make it frugal, as well. Decorating with homemade Halloween decorations and in particular with tablecloths can transform […]