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Simple Living and Joyful Work

Consumer products, cleaning supplies, ready to eat processed food, household items, and ready to wear clothing – everything is done. All we have to do is buy these items with […]

Dinner Group in Early Spring

Do you know what I love most about being in a dinner group? Getting together with friends regularly. Sometimes I feel like our social lives might get swallowed up by […]

How to save money wisely Go Gingham

Saving money wisely is not rocket science. It’s smart and wise but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s not – otherwise everyone would be doing it. If you think about […]

Christmas thank you notes

Are we all in the midst of the holiday scramble or what? Gift shopping, wrapping, and shipping. Or hiding of gifts. Card signing and sending and ordering. The parties, the […]

Early Summer Dinner Group

Is there anything better than having a fabulous dinner outside on a summer evening with friends? Nope – especially when it’s a pot-luck style dinner and it’s being hosted elsewhere. […]

Entertaining Dinner Group from Go Gingham

For the dinner group Brad and I hosted in February, we went with a “love theme.” It was an Italian centric menu – since it was the day after Valentine’s […]

How to make a belt longer by Go Gingham

Dear 25-year-old Self, Buy bigger belts! You will not be the same size around the middle – despite all of your best intentions and hard work. Child birth, fashion, and […]

Dinner Group Gathering

The only bad thing about our recent dinner group gathering was that one of the couples had to cancel at the last minute. It’s so hard coordinating all the calendars […]

Go Gingham Stylishly Frugal Living Approved

Here’s a sale that sounds like a good way to get “new to you” clothing without ever having to leave your home! The company, thredUP, sells used clothing that has […]