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Marathon bumper sticker

Hello dear readers, I’ve missed you. Have you missed me? Have you been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to? Well, not much, only taking a break from […]

Spend less and enjoy more from Go Gingham

Here’s how to have a sustainable wardrobe: buy fewer items and wear the ones you have for a longer period of time. That’s the simple answer. Having a sustainable wardrobe […]

Decorating with Nature Go Gingham

My holiday shopping was done before Thanksgiving. What’s the secret to being done so early? Not buying stuff. Give sustainable gifts to the people on your holiday shopping list and […]

Frugal and Fancy Halloween Decorations

Do you want your home to be festive and frightful for Halloween but don’t want to spend a fortune? Go frugal and fancy for Halloween with these six tips. They’re […]

Sustainability for the Wallet

Everyone is using the term ‘sustainability’ these days – heck, even I’m doing it! I’ve traded the word ‘frugal‘ for sustainability. Why? Too many people think of ‘frugal’ as cheap […]

Use Fewer Chemicals in the Dishwasher

You know when you open your dishwasher after it’s run and it’s all steamy and smells like cleaner? What you smell are very strong chemicals. Sure the dishes are clean, […]

Summer Reading List

Well, it’s finally done – Go Gingham’s site re-do. Our IT department has been hard at work the last few months and they’re still working through some kinks so if […]

Go Gingham: Save more, spend less

Do you ever read an article and think to yourself, “My thoughts exactly.” That’s what happened when I read this article from U.S. News & World Report. It’s about developing […]