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6 Reasons Home Swapping is Sustainable

Traveling can generate a lot of trash. With carry out, to-go drinks, and meals, everything is throw-away. Home swapping is the most sustainable way to travel. By trading houses, we’re […]

Family travel with kids

Eating real food while on vacation to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be tricky – especially if you’re on a road trip. Eating out for every meal can be expensive, […]

Frugal Travel San Francisco

With the spring and summer travel season fast approaching, it’s time to think about booking airline tickets. Air travel is expensive – especially for families when you have to purchase […]

Exchange travel to Austria

While more people are renting homes, rooms, garden apartments or just a sofa for traveling, there’s another option that’s even better: home swapping. What is home swapping? Trading houses for […]

Say Hello to My Newest DIY Project

There are two things I love: camping and DIY projects. The part I didn’t like about camping was sleeping on the ground. With this DIY project, I’m done sleeping on […]

Camping in Oregon with Go Gingham

We usually travel during the summer – it’s our big budget splurge – and after a dozen home exchanges in 10-years, our family has traveled to several countries and states. […]

Camping and Cooking Supplies

When we did a 3-week camping trip around Oregon, it made us realize how few camping and cooking supplies we actually used or really needed. Fewer supplies meant less to […]

Go Gingham: Home swap travel

A reader recently had a few questions about saving on travel and home exchanges. Here they are: When you do a home exchange, do you let them use your car? […]