Go Gingham: Fresh eggs

By far the biggest benefit of having backyard chickens is getting eggs.  Chickens don’t normally lay in the winter months, unless they receive enough light on their eyes.  This is […]

Go Gingham: Tomato cages

Planting tomatoes means staking the plants.  For several years, I used the old standard, cone shaped tomato stake.  I’ve never had much success with these.  My tomato plants would get […]

Go Gingham: Preparing for tomato season

Spring is fast approaching which means vegetable and tomato planting season.  I’m a novice when it comes to vegetable gardening but I do have a few tricks to share.  These […]

Go Gingham: Frugal Decorating with Cherry Blossoms

I love to decorate my home and make it lovely.  Fresh flowers are too expensive for this frugal gal.  I prefer to bring nature inside and “force” it to be […]

Tools needed for installing fake grass

Our backyard has been a work in progress over the years.  We recently had blue star creeper planted in between the stones in our backyard.  During the winter months, the […]

Go Gingham: Backyard chickens

We have chickens. I still marvel at this statement. It’s not the same as telling people you have a dog or a cat. We purposely have these creatures, in our […]