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Weekly Meal Plan

Since it was Valentine’s Day this week and I was feeling so much love after writing about everything I loved, I baked a double layer cake, too.  The cake was […]

Weekly Meal Plan

Several readers have asked me to post our meal plan each week.  I’ve decided to try to do this on Saturdays.  The recipes from these meals will eventually find their […]

Go Gingham: Glass jars

Here’s a reader question from Brenda.  She writes: “I like using glass jars for pantry staples. What method do you use for cleaning and deodorizing the lids? I don’t really […]

Frugal Grocery Shopping

To clip or not to clip; that is the question.  It is often assumed that people who are frugal use coupons, coupons and more coupons.  It is possible to be […]

Go Gingham: Bounty of the garden

It requires a lot of work and constant attention to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of eating foods that are good for you are not always easy to immediately […]

Cooking with dried beans

Cooking with dried beans costs substantially less than canned beans and you control the ingredients (sodium, preservatives, etc) of what goes into your beans. A 25 lb (11.3 kg)  bag […]

Go Gingham: Indulging with chocolate covered almonds

This is my daily after lunch treat, with a cup of coffee.  Coffee that I drink out of a little gingham cup, of course!  3 (ok, sometimes 4, but that […]