healthy living

Go Gingham: Walking sticks

I’m in a gang and we have a name.  My gang consists of several women.  We walk very early in the morning and very quickly.  We carry weapons but not […]

Go Gingham: simple fruit cake

This is my favorite, go-to cake recipe.   Why do I love it?  Simple, easy ingredients that I always have on hand. After dinner as a dessert, or at a coffee-klatch […]

Go Gingham: Growing green beans

We live in the city and have very little space when it comes to gardening.  I’m always trying to find space to grow more vegetables.  I try to carve out […]

Go Gingham: The home gym

During the month of January, gym memberships increase like crazy.  Everyone has the best intentions at the start of the year with exercising and eating well.  Sometimes just getting to […]

Go Gingham: Chipotle peppers in adbo sauce

I’m sharing all of my favorite recipes here but before I can do that, I have to share with you some of my super-secret-ingredients. This is my favorite. Chipotle peppers […]