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Home Organization Week 52 from Go Gingham

Finally! The last week of our year long home organization project. It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? Time for another New Year and all of the resolutions that get […]

Home Organization Week 51 from Go Gingham

Question: How can you tell when it’s time to clean out, organize, and sort through household files? Answer: When you go to file something and the drawer breaks because it’s […]

Home Organization Week 50 from Go Gingham

We’ve waited until the gift giving time of year for this week’s home organization project and to straighten out all of our gift wrapping stuff. It’s not just the Christmas […]

Home Organization Week 49 from Go Gingham

For week #49 of 2014’s New Year’s Resolution – yes, every week we’ve cleaned and sorted out a different area of the house – we’re going where very few have […]

Home Organization Week 48 from Go Gingham

When you decorate for a holiday only once a year, do you ever forget about what decorations you have? Then, when you get everything out, does it seem like everything […]

Home Organization Project 47

Remember the pile of magazines from last week’s home organization week #46 project? Well, that’s what we tackled for this week’s project. We get more print magazines now than ever […]

Home Organization Project 46

It’s not really fair to blame this week’s home organization project on a jar of homemade jam, but I’m going to do it anyway. It all began this summer when […]