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Happy Mother's Day and Journal Giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you are enjoying this special day yourself or celebrating it with your mother. Remember when I wrote about my Great-Grandmother’s recipes that were written down […]

Happy Earth Day Go Gingham

Every day should be Earth day. That’s what our planet needs: every single day devoted to treating the world we live in with more thought. Reduce, reuse, recycle is good […]

Summer Reading List

Well, it’s finally done – Go Gingham’s site re-do. Our IT department has been hard at work the last few months and they’re still working through some kinks so if […]

Go Gingham Approved

We’re always reading books – from the library because we love the library – and this year, we had a food and health theme going on. We made a list […]

Home Organization Project 44

This is week #44 of our ongoing home organization project. This crazy weekly clean-out was our New Year’s Resolution for the year. My plan was to do several projects ahead […]

Home Organization Week 42 from Go Gingham

“Can’t we just write about cleaning out my closet and not actually do it?” Well, no, we can’t. The poor thing. He put off this week’s home organization project until […]

Home Organization Project 41

This week’s home organization project – if you’re new – hello! – as part of this year’s New Year’s Resolution, each week, we’re cleaning and sorting out a different area […]