make it at home

why buy it when you can make it, cook it or re-do it yourself?

Eating Clean with Amie

I’m so excited for my friend, Amie Valpone, who is launching her cookbook this week! Cooking whole foods at home is the only way to get and stay healthy and […]

Spend less and enjoy more from Go Gingham

Here’s how to have a sustainable wardrobe: buy fewer items and wear the ones you have for a longer period of time. That’s the simple answer. Having a sustainable wardrobe […]

Quickest Ever Cucumber Salad

I like simple salads in the summer, don’t you? This is the quickest ever cucumber salad and one of my favorite recipes because the cucumbers, dill, and tomatoes are straight […]

Greek Yogurt Dill Dip

Sometimes I think dips should be eaten with a spoon. Well, healthy dips like this Greek yogurt dill dip should be. It’s so easy to make, too. It’s light and […]

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

I know coconut is all the rage right now but my daughter was ahead of the curve on it. She’s always loved coconut – and she’s had me baking coconut […]

How to Re-Make Sweat Pants

Remember my closet clean out from our year of home organization? Well, I had several pairs of old sweat pants. Remember when we just called them sweat pants? Now, we […]

Cheddar Curry Cheese Spread

Oh, this cheddar curry cheese spread is a dip that is too good. I hadn’t made it in years but when my kids started asking about it, I thought it […]