make it or buy it

14 Days of Love

For the next 2 weeks, until February 14th, I’m sharing things I love.  For the first day, February 1st, I’ll be honest with you – I love gingham.  If you’re […]

Shower Curtains and Grommets

The last time I made a shower curtain for this bathroom, I made it with button holes.  Button holes are quite nice but really, I love grommets.  They’re so clean […]

Thanksgiving table-cloth

Whenever I learn a new sewing technique (read “trick”) I try to implement it in other areas.  I also like to sew table-cloths or coverings for seasonal decorating that can […]

Go Gingham: Frugal-and-Stylish-Wine-Glass-Charms

I admit that sometimes I buy things at estate sales and I have no idea what I’ll do with them.  Last spring, I found these little metal circles on a […]

Go Gingham: Homemade lunch sacks

Back to school means school lunches. If you or your student needs a lunch bag and you’re not interested in the designs offered at the store, you can easily make […]

How to Fix Outdoor Chairs

I’m always on the look out for chairs that no one else wants.  Chairs that have torn seats, missing parts or wobbly legs are easy to find.  Sidewalks, garage sales, […]

Go Gingham: iPod slipcovers

When I see the vast assortment of plastic covers for iPods, phones, and other electronic devices, I shake my head.  Why pay money for something that can be made for […]

Go Gingham: Winter cape

My daughter needed a fancy winter coat and there was no reason to buy one. Winter coats only get worn a few times a year by my kids and a […]