meal planning

Go Gingham: Avoid food waste

Today’s green living tip: reduce food waste. By eating the food you’ve purchased, you keep it out of the landfill. One of the easiest ways we’ve found to significantly reduce […]

Pantries, Peas, and Pasta

While I am an avid meal planner, I like to keep our pantry well stocked so when a need arises for a quick dinner – like practically every night with […]

Camping and Cooking Supplies

When we did a 3-week camping trip around Oregon, it made us realize how few camping and cooking supplies we actually used or really needed. Fewer supplies meant less to […]

Go Gingham: Weekly Meal Plan

What’s for dinner? Well, you know the answer. Check the front of my refrigerator and you’ll see what we’re having for the upcoming week. Then, once a month I share […]

Meal Planning with Go Gingham

There’s a lot of confusion about what meal planning is. Most people think meal planning is a plan for an elaborate dinner party. It can be but that’s not the […]

Go Gingham: Monthly Meal Plan

This was a great month of eating. We began with Super Bowl Sunday leftovers, had a dinner at grandma’s house, and then Valentine’s Day dinner with pureed beets and arugula […]

Go Gingham: Meal planning made simple

Even with careful weekly meal planning and grocery shopping for only what we need for the week, the pantry and freezer can get too crowded. When this happens, it calls […]

Meal Plan from Go Gingham

Ahhhhh…..that’s what I say after I’ve written out our meal plan for the week. If I get lazy and skip it – which I’ve been known to do – it’s […]

Real Food in Costa Rica from Go Gingham

Remember how we went to Costa Rica last month? Well, we ate every meal out – meaning no one in our family cooked or cleaned up for an entire week. […]