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Meal Plan and chicken pot pies Go Gingham

If you’re a regular reader of our meal plans you know two things: We don’t really meal plan for a month at a time. We meal plan weekly. We cook […]

Healthy meals to cook at home Go GIngham

While, at this time of the year, more of the vegetables we’re eating are coming from the grocery store or market and not our garden, we’re still eating what’s in […]

Go Gingham Meal Plan

Eating at this time of year is so delicious! When I can go out to the garden and pick vegetables, prepare them, and eat them all within about 30-minutes, it’s […]

Eating in Boston

Meal planning while staying in a hotel room in Manhattan is pointless – especially if you’re staying in the smallest hotel in the city. What do you do when hunger […]

Meal plan for healthy eating at home

This is my favorite time of year in the garden. Everything seems to be growing and green and dinner is so easy when I can walk out the door and […]

Go Gingham: Monthly Meal Plan

Efficient and organized is how I like our household to be and with an attitude of, “good for you, good for the environment, and good for the pocketbook,” is my […]

Go Gingham: Monthly Meal Plan

Even though I meal plan every week (for many reasons – here are 11 reasons why I do it), I don’t meal plan for a month at a time – […]

Go Gingham: Beans in slow-cooker

The trick with having beans on the weekly meal plan so often is to make them taste good and be good for us without adding lots of salt. Honestly, I’m […]

Go Gingham Weekly Meal Plan #51

The last of summer 2012’s tomatoes got thawed and devoured this week. I made the mistake of thinking the sauce could be used for two dinners but it was so […]